Our Leadership

Mr. Aboobacker Mohammed Ali

Chief Executive Officer


Mr. Aboobacker Mohammed Ali is a distinguished Dubai-based entrepreneur, corporate leader and the CEO of Pride Group. His exterior persona provides little clue to the scale of the empire this man has steadily built, virtually from scratch. Mr. Aboobacker’s words clearly resonate his Dynamism and steely resolve to get things done: “I never give up till I achieve! Being focused is the secret of my success.” Rejection doesn’t bother him. He strongly believes that nothing is impossible.

According to Mr. Aboobacker there will always be barriers that one has to face while aiming to grow a business. Once these hurdles are crossed and the competition faced, we come to a realization and understanding that we can face them with what comes from within and we succeed.

Mr. Aboobacker says that the decision to base Pride Group in Dubai as the headquarters has helped him to create a global platform for exponential growth. “Dubai has been an ideal strategic Location providing time zone advantages for our markets," he says.


I never give up Until I achieve! Being focused is the secret of my success

- Mr. Aboobacker Mohammed Ali


He confesses that it has not always been easy. On occasions, there have been severe challenges from the complexities of the markets, economic and regulatory environment. But he has always emerged stronger and better. Mr. Aboobacker states, "Today we are associated with some of the best and reputed individuals, corporations, organizations, banks, across several industries both locally and internationally;these relationships are long-standing and have prospered over the years through highs and lows of the market.”

Mr. Aboobacker regularly communicates with influential persons like head of states, honorary delegates and trade experts in various countries either through periodic formal meetings or while conducting seminars related to trade and finance. This has often opened avenues for Pride Group to capitalize on other successful opportunities. Mr. Aboobacker has been an excellent mentor who has not only bestowed his undivided attention and resources in identifying, grooming, and channeling the talents of his own family members but has equally provided opportunities for many other talented youngsters in order to enable them to enjoy career advancement and quality life by placing them in deserving positions within the Pride Group of companies.

Pride Group supports start-ups with out-of-the-box ideas that need both funding and mentorship. It is Mr. Aboobacker’s personal opinion that every successful businessman, small or big, should take the onus of creating a brighter future for other start-up firms either in the UAE or across the globe wherever the market may be well-disposed.